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Privacy Policy

This website, https://dropshippanel.com/ , is operated by REXTENT LLC, also known as Dropship Panel within this “privacy policy.” Throughout this website, terms such as “Dropship Panel,” “we,” “our,” and “us” refer to REXTENT LLC.

At Dropship Panel, we place a high value on your privacy. Whether you are a visitor to our website, a customer, or someone with whom we engage in our regular business operations, safeguarding your privacy is a commitment we take very seriously, as it holds significant importance to us.

In this Privacy Policy (referred to as the “Policy”), we detail how we collect, utilize, and disclose the information we obtain from you. For the purposes of this policy, any mention of “Products” and “Services” pertains to all the offerings provided by Dropship Panel and its affiliated companies, whether accessible online or offline. References to the “Site” or “Website” encompass the Dropship Panel website, including any mobile versions thereof.

By using our services or website or by providing us with your information in any manner, you expressly and wholeheartedly consent to the handling of your personal information as delineated in the Dropship Panel privacy policy, as presented herein. Your utilization of our services or website, as well as any disputes or concerns regarding privacy, are subject to this policy and our Terms of Service. Depending on the nature of your interactions with Dropship Panel, additional terms may also apply to your circumstances.

Purposes For Using Your Personal Information

When you utilize a service provided by Dropship Panel, engage in communication with Dropship Panel, or interact with Dropship Panel in any other manner, we may handle your personal data for the following objectives:

To furnish you with the services provided by Dropship Panel or to comprehend and cater to your needs and preferences, for instance:

  1. Responding to or managing your inquiries.
  2. Handling tasks related to billing, provisioning, maintenance, activation, deactivation, repair, support, troubleshooting, replacement, upgrading, updating, or refurbishing of Dropship Panel services.
  3. Enforcing or satisfying notices pertaining to a Dropship Panel service.
  4. Gaining insights into your usage of Dropship Panel services or the network by analyzing usage metrics and network performance.
  5. Assisting in the identification and resolution of issues.
  6. Ensuring that Dropship Panel services are operating as intended from a technical standpoint.

For the purpose of advancing and overseeing our business activities and operations, including:

  1. Upholding the legal rights of Dropship Panel.
  2. Streamlining disaster recovery and ensuring business continuity.
  3. Overseeing, mitigating, detecting, investigating, or endeavoring to prevent technical, fraudulent, or security breaches, all while safeguarding Dropship Panel’s assets.
  4. Employing statistical analysis for various purposes.

To innovate and improve current Dropship Panel services, including devising diverse communication methods with you. This encompasses the ability to provide or deliver to you:

  • Notifications about upcoming events or promotional activities.
  • Enhancements and updates, as well as notifications regarding updates and upgrades for Dropship Panel services, third-party content, or associated products, services, and software.

To fulfill legal and regulatory obligations or to efficiently address crucial or urgent circumstances, such as:

  1. Providing vital assistance in situations that could jeopardize your or others’ physical safety or lives.
  2. Responding to lawful requests, court orders, warrants, or legal procedures.
  3. Pursuing any other objective for which you have given your consent, as well as other objectives allowed or mandated by relevant laws.


Your utilization of our services or website signifies your unwavering and comprehensive acknowledgment that you have thoroughly reviewed and comprehended all the terms and conditions detailed across various pages of our website. Furthermore, your use of our services or website serves as your agreement for Dropship Panel to handle your information for the specified purposes of Dropship Panel.

  1. a) Instances Where Obtaining Consent Is Not Necessary

In specific situations, your personal information may be processed WITHOUT requiring your consent, contingent on applicable laws or jurisdictions. For example, Dropship Panel may not seek your consent:

  1. When seeking consent is unfeasible or impossible due to medical, legal, or security reasons.
  2. In cases involving debt collection.
  3. To comply with a warrant, subpoena, court order, legal procedure, or lawful request.
  4. In emergencies where an individual’s health, life, or security is at risk.
  5. When disclosure is made to an attorney representing Dropship Panel.
  6. Where personal information is essential for monitoring, detecting, mitigating, investigating, or attempting to predict, minimize, or prevent damage caused by fraud, technical issues, or security concerns, or for protecting Dropship Panel’s assets.
  7. As otherwise mandated or permitted by law.

Dropship Panel retains unchallenged rights to process, trade, sell, or lease anonymous or aggregated information that is not connected to or associated with identifiable individuals.

Types of Personal Information Processed

Account and membership details: The types and amount of personal data that may be handled encompass your name, phone number, mailing address, email address, Dropship Panel website particulars, device identification data, interactions with Dropship Panel, and any documented grievances. Additionally, we may manage your account login details, profile particulars, passwords, and other personal information you furnish to facilitate your utilization of Dropship Panel services.

Cloud-based or backup data: Personal data, which may encompass email addresses, calendars, notes, tasks, contact information, status messages, profile pictures, on-device data, and media files, could be transmitted to Dropship Panel if you utilize a backup, cloud-based, or data restoration service offered on behalf of Dropship Panel. This information is employed to enhance and simplify the utilization, restoration, and remote accessibility of the data on your device through the provided service.

Applications: In specific situations, Dropship Panel might handle your personal data related to the applications utilized on your device, including any third-party offerings (e.g., products, services, software, applications, content, or websites provided by a third party, including application developers or other service providers that might be used alongside Dropship Panel offerings but are not managed, offered, or endorsed by Dropship Panel). Moreover, particular personal data might be collected and shared with a third party, or exchanged between a third party and Dropship Panel, if you opt to utilize Third-Party Offerings in conjunction with your Dropship Panel account. This is done to enhance or streamline the services and features offered.

Financial details: Dropship Panel may handle credit card information or alternative payment details and employ them to facilitate credit-related and billing services if you acquire a product, software, service, or customer support directly from Dropship Panel or our service providers.

Quality assurance and customer support: Your telephone conversations with Dropship Panel and Dropship Panel’s service providers may be subject to monitoring or recording for the purposes of customer service and quality assurance. This includes assisting with addressing your inquiries, training purposes, analytics, and troubleshooting to identify trends and enhance Dropship Panel’s offerings.

Dropship Panel retains personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the specified purposes of Dropship Panel or as otherwise required to comply with applicable laws. Dropship Panel will take measures to delete, erase, destroy, aggregate, or anonymize personal information that is no longer pertinent or essential for the purposes defined by Dropship Panel.

In line with sound business practices, Dropship Panel continually refines its procedures, controls, and protocols for the handling, retention, and disposal of records pertaining to your personal information.

Marketing and Service-Related Communications: As part of your ongoing business relationship with Dropship Panel, we may send you advertisements, newsletters, promotional materials, surveys, marketing content, or personalized communications. Additionally, certain service-related messages may be sent to you. For example, when you initially create an account or activate a Dropship Panel service, we may send you a welcome email to inform you about important changes, provide service terms, offer warranty details, guide you on managing your account or credentials, convey service infrastructure notifications, share safety or security information, or conduct surveys among current or past users. Please note that you cannot opt out of receiving these communications, as they are crucial for your use of Dropship Panel’s offerings.

Dropship Panel is receptive to your inquiries or feedback regarding this Privacy Policy and the manner in which we handle your personal information. If you have any questions, please contact Dropship Panel via email at suport@dropshippanel.com and we will make commercially reasonable efforts to respond.

If you disagree with any part or the entirety of this Policy, refrain from using our products and services or providing us with your personal data.

Kindly be aware that this privacy policy may be modified in part or in full at any time without prior notification. We recommend visiting this page regularly to remain informed of any updates.