How to be a Successful Shopify Dropshipper

How to be a Successful Shopify Dropshipper1
How to be a Successful Shopify Dropshipper

Most new interested dropshipper have a common question, How to be a successful Shopify Dropshipper. Most of the content that is referred to by another site gives us a long checklist to do to be successful. That’s not an effective or old system. I don’t want to make it long, But I can 100% ensure to be a successful Shopify Dropshipper, If you follow my instructions. It’s very easy, if you read carefully and mind exactly what to do. So let’s start

To become a Successful Shopify Dropshipper, You have to complete all the steps following. 

You have to maintain just 3 steps here

Make Ready to sell your Shopify Store:

First Create a Shopify account. You can create a Shopify Store from here with $1/ Month for the first 3 Months.

Now, Design your store by a Designer (You can hire us to create an attractive Shopify Store for free)

In Design section you have to keep in mind this followings:

1. Create a Store Logo

2. Account settings, Privacy and Security checkup

3. Upload a Theme.

4. Set up this required page- About, Contact, privacy Policy, Terms of Services, Refund Policy, Product Page.

5. Header and Footer Menu (Keep Home, Shop, Contact page in header) (And Keep Privacy Policy, Terms of Services, Refund Policy, About and Contact Page in Footer section)

6. Find Suppliers and add products. You can add local or individual suppliers or use DSer (Ali Express products). Please ask your developer/ Designer to add Top selling/ Hot products from the supplier to your store. Keep in mind that, Your customers always like to purchase products with low cost and fast shipping.

7. Check and optimize the Mobile version

8. Set Shipping charge and Time variant as per location

9. Check all designs and think as a customer if you like the design. If you think the design should be more attractive, ask your designer to edit by giving an idea.

10. Add Payment gateway. If you have stripes, Then it’s perfect. Or you can add Shopify Default payment gateway to avoid unnecessary problems. Remember to activate the payment gateway, otherwise your customers can’t make any purchase or payment.

11. Now look at your site and place a test order to check if your site is ready for sale.

12. Purchase a custom domain for your store

13. Add Order tracking app

14. Add Live chat App to give quick support to your customers.


Do SEO, Social media Marketing and Google Ads is enough to make sale from your Shopify Store

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Think as a customer, You always like to purchase products by searching on google. Most users like to purchase products from the sites that are on the first page on Google or other search engines. Very simple. If you do SEO properly, then your site will be shown at the first page on google search and your earning will start soon. There is no other way to make unique sales from your store without SEO. 

Here is the Checklist to do on SEO must:

On Page SEO

This is the work that you have to do in your store or site. Please complete all the step in One Page SEO as per Following

  1. Create some unique Keywords after keyword analysis. You have to target some specific keywords that you want to show on search engines.
  2. Now set up your all page (Home Page, About us, Contact, Products etc)  with those specific keywords.
  3. Set up all product titles as per Keyword analysis. Be sure to keep it medium size. Many users use a long name that’s not fit on google.
  4. Make all product descriptions as per your selected keywords. Make sure to keep your keywords at least 3 times.
  5. Make sure all your images use a proper tile, ALT tag, Description, meta tag.
  6. You have to keep the main focus on your Home page. Keep at least 500 words in the homepage to make it perfect for search engine search.
  7. Keep a unique meta description for all existing pages.
  8. Avoid and Remove duplicate content
  9. Link your products directly to the home page
  10. Google Analytics Setup
  11. Google Search Console Setup

Off Page SEO

The main work in this section to build quality Backlinks to external sites. Please complete all the step in Off Page SEO as per Following

  1. Competitor analysis to check how your competitor is doing.
  2. Keyword research to select some specific and unique keywords.
  3. Create High Quality Content as per your relevant niche to post on other sites. 
  4. Build High-Quality Backlinks on Social media, relevant Community/ Forum sites, Profile creation sites or high DA and PA sites

Examples- All Social media,, Quora, Yahoo answer posting, Reddit etc. 

  1. List your Store on local directories such as Google my Business, Big Webmaster etc.
  2. Add your sites to the Search console such as Google, Bing, Yandex etc. 
  3. Social Media Integration
  4. Add customer reviews and testimonials to your store or Facebook.


Note: Please focus on creating High Quality banklink by posting unique articles to various sites. This is the only thing that makes your site to view the first page on a search engine.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Before doing paid advertising, First Set up your Business Profile on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to complete all sections in your Facebook and Instagram account. Here is some tips to make professional:

  1. Make a Business Page on Facebook with the same name of your Store.
  2. Create a personalize user name/ link on Facebook
  3. Add Cover Photo, Logo
  4. Add Basic Details such as Email, Phone, location, Intro, Description
  5. Must add a Button “Shop Now” 
  6. Continually share your all page link to Facebook
  7. Add Products to Facebook Marketplace and share it to your Business page
  8. Share all published content or products to all relevant groups (Join all relevant group to sell your Products)

Paid Advertising

Sometimes, to make your site popular, it’s a great idea to reach your traffic. If you have a budget issue, You can set a minimum cost advertising to make followers on your Social media profile. When you will reach a minimum follower, Your trustworthiness will increase. We suggest you set at least a $100 lifetime budget to make at least 10K followers to your store. Then If you think, You want more sales from your stores, You can start Paid advertising all existing products on your store. But remember to add Facebook Pixel to retargeting ads to make maximum sales from your store. 

If You have a Budget issue, Then focus on SEO by yourself.

Finally after completing all the above steps, hope you start earning slowly already. If you can keep working with adobe all things, You can make profit $1000 to $3000 per month easily. Remember, Not all work is very easy. You have to work hard to make your site popular. If you think, money will come to your pocket without any hard work, It’s wrong.