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Dropship Panel owned by REXTENT LLC is the largest e-Commerce Site Design and Development site. Also, Dropship Panel proving more services like Digital marketing, YouTube Channel Optimization, Social media Promotion, and others IT Solutions by our experts

Do you have any money back guarantee for unsatisfied work?

Yes. For unsatisfied work and clients we offer to give up to 100% money back Guarantee. To get Refund, You have to submit a refund request to support@dropshippanel.com  with proof of works we didn’t do for you. After investigation, We will check how much work has been done and why the work has not been completed. For this reason, both parties (We and our customers) mutual understanding a Partial or full money will be refunded

What is Refund Policy?

To get Partial or Full refund you have to email us support@dropshippanel.com with specific reason within 15 working days after you made the payment. After 15 days, Your refund request will not be approved and we will be confirmed that you accepted our work. If you file a complaint to our email support@dropshippanel.com, we will investigate everything and there will be a chance to get a refund of the Partial or Full payment if your complaint is true. But after 15 Business days you made the payment, There will be no complaint accepted as we already close the payment to our accounting and think our customers are happy with our services. For More Read our Refund Policy here

What should I do If I am not satisfied with your work?

For unsatisfied works, You have to submit a complaint to support@dropshippanel.com with proof of documents. After we investigate everything, We will refund your money to your Bank account or card that you used to pay us. You will have a maximum 15 working days to submit a complaint after you made the work.

I made a payment for a service before, But I didn't get my full services.

Most of the time, We ask our clients directly to submit a complaint as soon as they are not getting proper services. If you passed 15 days after you made the payment, Please feel free to email us with a specific reason. Our admin will decide to refund you Partial payment as per provided services and due of services. 

How many days will it take to get my money?

After you place a refund request to our email- support@dropshippanel.com, We will start processing refunding your money. As per the Bank or card It will take up to 5-10 business working days to refund money to your bank or cards that you used to pay us.

How to Submit a Refund request?

To Partial or Full refund request you must have to email us here- support@dropshippanel.com . We have no other forms for refund requests. You must send a written message to the above email. Remember, Without getting any refund request to others media, We are unable to refund your money. Because only the admin has rights who can issue a  refund of your money to your Bank account. If you contact any employees or another person to get a refund, There will be a higher chance we won’t be aware of that. 

What is terms of use?

After make business conversation, You understand our terms of service or use from here. You only pay us when you agree our terms of use/ service. After a successful payment through Stripe or other legal method, It means you agree to our terms and are aware about our Privacy Policy, Terms, Refund policy and Business services.  Learn Terms of Service Here

How many days it will take my work done?

For Shopify Store Re-Design and Development It will take up to 1-10 days to complete everything. But to provide the best services you will get lifetime support by our experts. To get expert support or complaint, You can Live chat through our Website Live Chat or Email (support@dropshippanel.com) or Contact us page. For other services such as Digital Marketing, BPO and others IT Solution, It will take time as per our both parties mutual agreements. 

Can I get a refund for customs invoices made by the Dropship Panel without Website Purchase?

We always prefer to get our services by website purchase where you agree to our Terms of Services/ Use, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy. For direct invoices that items or services are not listed to our website, You totally agree to our Terms of Services/ Use, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy. For any complaint email us support@dropshippanel.com immediately.